Create the look and inspire the buyer

In-store Displays

Inspire the buyer by displaying beautifully styled clothing combinations. Gno.1 is ideal for creating displays
in any retail environment, especially where space may be restricted – in smaller retail outlets or boutiques,
smaller shop floors, windows or awkward areas. Gno.1 allows you to hang your display at eye level, so buyers
can see the entire outfit in one glance.

Anti-theft version is available for use in Fitting Rooms.


Increase Profits

Gno.1 is the “must-have fashion accessory for really smart people” – helping women across the globe to organise their wardrobes and create ready-to-go, beautifully styled outfits for every day wear. It makes good economic sense to make Gno.1 available to buyers in the same environment they buy their clothes,
and cross-merchandise fashion and accessories to increase consumer spend.